By Dr. Didier Coustou, dermatologist

What are the peculiarities of the skin of the penis ?
he skin of the penis is as thin as that of the back of the hand, that is to say less than one millimeter thick. Contrary to what one might believe, it does not have a particular elasticity because it is the foreskin skin reserve that allows erection. Like any other part of the body, it is subject to an intrinsic aging that causes drought and looseness.

Why does it require special attention ?
It is indeed an area that requires special care because of the mechanical factors it undergoes as the friction of everyday life. This is the case, for example, during a movement as commonplace as walking, especially in case of wearing tight clothing during a sports activity or sex.

The use of active care like calendula, known for its moisturizing, soothing, soothing, anti-inflammatory and even healing properties, is therefore particularly indicated for this area to compensate for dryness and irritation.

Men circumcised or not, even fight ?
After circumcision, the extremely sensitive mucosa of the glans, which is exposed, will progressively keratinize, that is to say cover itself with dry skin. Again, it is important to moisturize with a suitable product because the products that are used for the body are not necessarily tested on the mucous membranes and should not be applied to the glans.

For uncircumcised persons, the presence of foreskin and banalo-preputial furrow promotes maceration, microbial proliferation and therefore unpleasant odors. Cleaning with mild pH neutral water and soap is recommended once or twice daily, especially after any physical activity.

To conclude, the anatomical and functional characteristics of the male sex justify hygiene and daily care attentive with the help of suitable products soft, non-irritating and non-sensitizing, respecting the flora and locoregional balance.

Pour 85%* des hommes, MOJO Natural Sex Care laisse la zone intime douce et bien hydratée

For 85%* of men, MOJO Natural Sex Care leaves the intimate area soft and well hydrated

90%* of men who have tried MOJO Natural Sex Care feel a real sensation of freshness.

90%* of men who used MOJO Natural Sex Care feel a real sense of cleanliness.

The scent of Mojo Natural Sex Care is acclaimed by 95%* of men who find it pleasant. 90%* of men find the texture of Mojo Natural Sex Care pleasant and non-sticky and appreciate that the cream penetrates quickly.

*Use test under dermatological control, performed on 20 men aged 25 to 45 for 21 days - Evic France, November 2014.


"The texture of this cream is similar to that of the gel. It has a slightly medical smell like that of camphor. When I applied the cream I felt a fresh feeling. And very oddly, it lasted long enough. It's quite peculiar to feel his penis so precisely while he's not erect, "says Alexis, a tester of the Mojo Natural Sex Care for Top Health.

Mojo Natural sex care: Reviewed by ludo29 on March 01, 2015:
After almost a week of testing I find a feeling of freshness during the application. The smell a bit mint and the color are very nice. The cream penetrates very well. A pleasant feeling of softness, really nice as a product

Mojo Natural sex care: phoe997735's review on February 27, 2015
Gives a feeling of freshness as well as a feeling of hydration. Although I do not like mint, the smell does not bother me. I am happy with this product.

Mojo Natural sex care: blicqube's review on March 03, 2015
The packaging is nice, the application is nice and, a little between the moisturizing cream for the skin and deodorant stick, it has a feeling of "good hygiene" and protective care for the day. For the perfume, it is light and you get used to it easily. I recommand it !

Mojo Natural sex care: dood99's review on February 26, 2015
After a week of use, I am satisfied. Nice design, simple application. This gel is not greasy and has a very good smell a little minty. It is obviously not a deodorant but it brings a solution of freshness to the male. Conclusion: I am delighted and my wife too.

My opinion on Mojo Natural Sex Care posted on February 15, 2015 by Trucs de Mec
The refreshing action is immediate! I particularly like using it after a good workout! Apply Mojo Natural Sex Care will help reduce irritation and soothe immediately!
Mojo Natural Sex Care is a real innovation that will stir the curiosity of male cosmetics lovers who are on the lookout for the latest novelties!
Mojo Natural Sex Care stands out as the new male gesture everyday! Tested and approved !

Jimmy says '' the Patrol '' - Like a
It is curious and skeptical that I used Mojo for several days. Having no problem with "limb dryness" personally, I did not see what he could bring me. This treatment says to have a triple action softening, invigorating and purifying and after use I am obliged to note that it keeps its promises. The skin of the genital tract is visibly softer, and one actually has a feeling of fresh and clean. Even if I remain perplexed when the real usefulness of this care in everyday life, it is clear that it works. Tested & Approved!

Reviewed by Laura posted on June 9,2015
My man and I were looking for a product for the hygiene of his sex (and yes). We found that, they promised a deodorant effect, and also moisturizing (a sweet sex ...) and other. After test, it is conclusive, even at the end of the day the sex of my man has no unpleasant smell, and it's still much more fun! This is the MOJO Natural Sex Care

Opinion of Vincent, blog, February 2, 2015.
I have been using Mojo Natural Sex Care for several weeks. It applies morning and / or evening On healthy skin and cleansed. I apply it gently and let it penetrate. It only takes a few minutes and eventually becomes a daily, natural getse. Successful bet, this triple action treatment is effective: a wind of freshness is clearly felt and it restores softness to the epidermis of what we have most valuable. As for the cleanliness it is inevitable, a real pleasure! So gentlemen, remove the little finger from the seam of the pants and go for a try Mojo Natural Sex Care!

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